LR White Balance tool docking after click

In the LR 6 / CC the White Balance tool can behave such that each click of the eye-dropper sampling tool allows only a single sampling, then the eye-dropper moves back to it’s dock in the Develop Module – Basic panel.  It’s kind of annoying if you’re pecking around trying to find something neutral …

You can control this behavior.:   make sure you’re in View | Loupe mode (D) , Turn on the Toolbar,  (T)

( Note: You can choose the sampling loupe gridsize as well.)

The WB eye-dropper is over a tan area on the second rock, near the top edge. The “loupe” is the 5×5 grid.

2015-04-27 15_02_29-


Auto Dismiss – one click allowed with the eye-dropper tool if it’s checked ; unlimited (well, whatever that word means to a programmer) unchecked.

Show Loupe – check to dynamically display the grid of pixels to be sampled – take your pick if you like to see what you sampled close-in.

Scale – increase/decrease the size of the sampling grid.

The picture shown is allowing multiple clicks, 5×5 grid and doesn’t jump back to the dock on each click. (it’s also over a not very neutral area…)

Learned this on the Lightroom Killer Tips blogRob Sylvan posted a comment detailing the solution.   Lightroom Killer Tips comment

An alternative is using the “W” key to pull it up after it self-docks (assuming the Auto Dismiss were checked in the above graphic).

Handy to know …

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