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Wednesday, July 9, 2014

2014 July 4th Idaho Falls ID




















So, now you want to know how to do this for yourself ?

Get a digital camera which has the ability to be triggered with a cable release, preferably.

Put it on a tripod, set the ISO to the low end of it’s range;¬† these were shot at ISO 200.

Focus the lens at infinity and put it on manual focus.

Set the f-stop on the lens to something like f-11 (iso 100) or f-16 (iso 200).

Put the shutter on BULB.

Point the camera at the exploding fireworks, using the viewfinder to frame what goes up in the first couple of bursts.

From  then on, start watching where they are being shot from and when you see one going up, press and hold the shutter open and only release it when you have seen something you like, at which point let go.

In general you’ll open the shutter a lot when there’s nothing in the sky and close it just after something cool.

2-8 second shots are common.

You’ll have to edit them in something like Photoshop to get the brightnesses all balanced and to crop etc. so it’s best to shoot in your camera’s RAW mode.


Lyle Stavast

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