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Saturday, July 27, 2013

My Stavast side cousins…


(You can click on the picture and it will enlarge in your browser.)

L-R back (number next to name is their parent – shown below)

Robert Johnston (2) , Ron Stavast (11), Tie Hoekstra (12), Wil Hoekstra (12), Denis de Jong (9), Myrna de Jong Maheax  (9) , Matthew Stavast (5), Shirley Stavast Tityk (5), Keith Johnston (2) – Middle : Wm. James A. Stavast (Jim) (8),  Deena de Jong (9),  Karen Stavast (10),  Helen Johnston Forster (2) ,  Lynda Hiemstra Gall (1),  Leonard Stavast (6) – Front:  Vivian Rever Nagy (3),  Betty-Lou Stavast Grey (6), Evelyn Stavast Stoutenberg (10),  Elsie Hiemstra Myszakowski (1)

No representatives of 2 of the siblings:     Johanna Helps (4)  had one son, Sydney Stavast, who is deceased.  Annie Stavast Clausen (7) had 3 sons – Alf Clausen is still living, Eddie and Henry (Hank) Clausen deceased.

Missing a few living first cousins that come to mind instantly for me:  Robert Stavast (10), Me (taking the picture), Ken (8), Barbara (8),  Ray de Jong (9), Dick de Jong (9)   – Someone said it was 2/3 of the living cousins.


With some spouses and 2 of the last 3 living spouses of the 12 siblings in my Dad’s family.

Front – left – Doreen Jessie Walkden Stavast (Andrew -8 ) and Front – right –  Florence Larson (Henry – 10)

Uncle Eric (Eelke)  Hoekstra (Margaret Stavast – 12) came by one night and joined us at dinner. (photo)


Left 6 – Denis De Jong hands w/ Leigh De Jong,  Wanda Babott Hoekstra, Tie Hoekstra, Ereck Sundmark (plaid), Vivian Rever Nagy.

Bold shirt – Jim Stavast, Blonde to his left is Valerie Reierson Hoekstra, Helen Stavast, Wil Hoekstra, Ron Stavast, Karen Stavast, Doug Ellis (plaid), Betty-Lou Gray (print w/ black slacks between 2 seated women)

Behind Florence Stavast – Helen Johnston Forster, Deena de Jong,  Andre Laliberte, Myrna de Jong Maheux, Lynda  Hiemstra Gall, Elsie Myszakowski (print dress) .

Back, Matthew Stavast, Vikki Stavast, Keith Johnston, Terry Gall (suspenders), Doug Stoutenburg (kneeling), Wally Tityk, Shirley Stavast  Tityk, Val Johnston (widow of Ray Johnston (2)), Ev Stavast-Stoutenburg, Vera Stavast (widow of Norman Stavast (6)), Leonard Stavast and wife Marion Stavast.  Dark haired behind Shirley is Robert Johnston.


The grandparents  Came to Canada from the Netherlands  in 1907 (with Jan Andries Stavast) :

Jantinus Stavast  b. 9 July 1875 Appelscha, Friesland (Jan Andries Stavast and Janke Jurgens Krol)

 Aaltje de Jong b. 5 January 1882 Sint Nicolaasga, Friesland (Johannes Haijes de Jong and Antje Heins Cnossen)

Married 28 Nov 1902 Oostellingwerf, Friesland

Their Children and reference # for place in birth:

  1. Janke ( “Yanke”)  b. 27 May 1903 – Appelscha, Friesland
  2. Antje (“Angie”)  b. 6 Oct 1904 – Appelscha, Friesland
  3. Geertje (“Gertie”)  b. 29 May 1906 – Appelscha, Friesland
  4. Johanna b. 23 April 1908 – Swan River, Manitoba
  5. John Andrew b. 19 May 1910 – Swan River, Manitoba
  6. Jurjen Gordon b. 16 October 1911 – Swan River, Manitoba
  7. Anna (“Annie”) b. 2 Nov 1915 – Whitebeech, Saskatchewan
  8. Andrew b. 14 May 1917 – Whitebeech, Saskatchewan
  9. Cornelia Edna (“Kay”)  b. 29 July 1919 – Whitebeech, Saskatchewan
  10. Henry Thomas 30 May 1921 Whitebeech, Saskatechewan
  11. Harry William b. 31 October 1924 – Whitebeech, Saskatchewan
  12. Margaret Alice b. 3 May 1926 –  Durban, Manitoba

(note:  Great Grandfather – Jan Andries Stavast was widowed from Janke Jurgens Krol’s 1st cousin – Janke DOUWES Krol)

Here are 2 genealogies listed on the web which cover the family going back.  I have not confirmed all the data on these for our direct line, but will in July and August 2016.  (The key questionable point is the listing near the top of a 1709 death of someone later listed has having several children with a second wife.)

Krol side: 

Stavast side:

Here are 2 very extensive PDF files which are the contribution of Harm-Jan Stavast. We descend from 2 brothers (of 8 siblings) born around 1800; he from Albert Jans Stavast b. 17-Jan-1802, the Jantinus Stavast’s in Canada from Andries Jans Stavast b. 16-Sep-1798.

Various individuals updated info on a previous version and those are incorporated here.

If you have additions/corrections I can handle them for you with him.

  (current in 2014, added Jul 2016)

Harm-Jan Stavast’s compilation (2014)

An Index to the same compilation (2014)

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