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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

To Canada – my paternal grands and aunts…

“How did I get here”…

via stork, of course just like the rest of you – and that’s very Dutch in it’s own cultural way ūüôā

My father Andrew Stavast’s parents emigrated from The Netherlands to Canada in 1907, bringing his paternal grandfather and his 3 oldest siblings (girls).¬†¬† They went on to the area near Swan River, Manitoba and just into Saskatchewan until 1938, when they moved to British Columbia.

The “sneaky” think about locating this record is learning that the ship they arrived on in Canada left from Glasgow, Scotland and to make things a little more perverse, an index has their last name spelled slightly wrong. (Stavust)¬†¬† Thanks to my son Adam for spearheading the location of this document…

This is the original ship manifest of passengers, which has Stavast spelled correctly, but the other names are slightly off here and the other index as well.

The 6 lines listing them are near the bottom.

You should be able to click on the photo to get it to full JPG size in your browser,

then use CTRL “+” to enlarge it in steps.

(Use CTRL-zero to get the sizing back to normal…)

If you want to right-click and save the JPG itself, do it after you’ve expanded the photo or you’ll get a smaller version….


The ship was the Athenia.  It left Glasgow, Scotland on 20 April 1907 and landed in Quebec on 2 May 1907.

Hoping some family will find this interesting…

2013-07-23 20_45_34-Item Display - Passenger Lists, 1865-1922 - Library and Archives Canada

Jan Andries Stavast  died in  October, 1915 in Saskatchewan and was buried in Benito MB.  His two wives, Janke (Douwes and Jurgens) Krol were first cousins, and had already preceded him in death in the Netherlands prior to 1907.  We descend from the second.

Here is his death certificate, with the anglicized name “John Andrew Stavast”.¬†¬† Even worse, the computerized¬† index for this record has “Stovosh”…

(click on the image to get a more detailed view, then ESC and back arrow to exit that mode)



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