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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Martin Harris gravesite…

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Monument on the Martin Harris grave, Clarkston, UT.


National Register Plaque


A little bit about his  role in the bringing forth of the Book of Mormon in the late 1820’s.



A plaque on the back of the monument to him, quoting the Testimony of 3 Witnesses contained in every copy of the Book of Mormon,

along with a second similar statement made by 8 others.


What isn’t written on any of these, is much about his having distanced himself from the church (ca. 1837)  for decades over issues around the failure of a church oriented bank similar to a credit union today.  He aligned himself with various other early associated and factional split churches which arose in the Kirtland OH area for many years after the church had moved it’s center to MO, and later western IL.  He lost his first wife over his beliefs (and she died shortly thereafter) , married Brigham Young’s niece and had 7 children with her.  She eventually left OH and moved to UT with the main body of the Mormons in the mid 1850’s.   He stayed in OH until ~1870, when he contacted Brigham Young  who arranged sponsors money to move him to UT, where he was re-baptized into the LDS Church as a recommitment of sorts which he desired and died there living with a son near this cemetery.    Interesting life story and place in history.




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